At first glance at this Rolex GMT Master II series 116710LN, it is easy to mistake it for the same brand’s best-selling Rolex Submariner series 116610LN.


Whether it is the outer ring, shoulder guard, case, dial, or strap, they are all surprisingly similar. But in fact, GMT is not plagiarizing Submariner. GMT also has its development and evolution story. In terms of the outer ring and movement, the GMT has the same basic structure as the Submariner, but there are still many unique and complicated places.It’s just that the two belong to the Rolex brand, and many essential technologies are standard, so a lot of misunderstandings have arisen.So today, we will compare the two models that everyone is more concerned about: Rolex Submariner 116610LN and Rolex GMT Master II series 116710LN, to see who is better.

Both watches have a diameter of 40 mm

but there are pronounced differences in appearance. The 116610LN uses a 60-minute chronograph outer ring, and the outer ring can only be rotated in a counterclockwise direction. 116710LN uses a 24-hour outer ring, which is a two-way rotating outer ring. In order to accurately display the third time zone time, it has only 24 positions for rotation, and it can only move from one place to the next without stopping halfway.

There is also a green 24-hour hand in the 116710LN dial, which is designed to show the second time zone. Careful friends will find that the middle section of the hour hand of the Submariner watch is thinner than the middle section of the minute hand, and the middle section of the Greenwich II hour hand is the same thickness as the middle section of the minute hand.

The straps of these two watches are made of solid 904L stainless steel.

116610LN is equipped with a Rolex Glidelock buckle. Even if the diver is wearing a wet suit with a thickness of 3 mm, the strap can still be adjusted. This unique design allows the wearer to extend the strap by about 20 mm with a length of 2 mm per section without the use of any tool assistance.116710LN uses the easy-to-adjust link extension system patented by Rolex. It only needs to be folded, and the strap can be extended by 5 mm, making it more comfortable to wear.

From the function, we can also see that 116610LN only has a date display, and 116710LN also has a dual time zone display in addition to the date display. 116600LN has a fast date adjustment function, but 116710LN does not have this function.116610LN is waterproof to 300 meters and has a 60-minute chronograph outer ring for the total countdown. The 116710LN waterproof is only 100 meters.

116610LN uses Rolex’s 3135 movements, while 116710LN uses Rolex’s 3186 movements. The 3135 movement is an upgraded product of Rolex’s modern base movement 3130. And 3186 adds the GMT display function based on 3135 movements. 3135 is a single-little 31-diamond movement, and 3186 is a single-little plus GMT movement. Both movements use Rolex’s blue niobium hairspring, which has excellent antimagnetic performance.

Although the two watches are similar in price, in terms of function and appearance, I think the GMT Master II is better, and the dual time zone function is more practical than the Submariner. Under normal circumstances, use less than 300 meters of diving.

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