When you buy an expensive watch, you hope the watch can be used for a long time. Actually, there are some measures to clean the watches. Prepare an old magazine, clean piece of plastic wrap, an old toothbrush and dish detergent. These tools are very common in everyday life, so get ready these cleaning tools and then they can follow the procedure to clean up.

Rolex replica watches how clean do? First, we put plastic wrap and magazines stacked together and then together they roll into a cylinder, which could prevent the book when wet for a clean strap. Then Rolex replica watch is worn on the rolled cylinder. The magazine rolled into a cylinder with a zoom slowly, until completely softened the strap, the watch will not fall off. In so doing, in order for a cleaning convenience, more importantly, after distraction strap, the strap may stain the clean crevices. Now we have to clean the strap.

We first clean the surface Rolex replica watches strap and strap crevice cleaning stains. The gap between the connection is very close, so usually you want to clean the inside of the dirt is difficult. Now place these books into the gap between the cylinder is softened, naturally, to the inside of the dirt can be cleaned up.

Then come back to clean up the back of the strap, the same surface cleaning of stains. Next, clean the cracks stains. We use water to scrub clean the strap. Finally, the strap on the shady place to dry, do not pay attention to exposure, it would damage the quality of the strap.

Followings are some maintenance measures.
1, Rolex is the need for regular maintenance, it is recommended every year, you can go do a waterproof Rolex aftermarket detection, not to the general maintenance department, they are not authorized, if they open the lid, no longer carry out repair and maintenance a. Also, we recommended every three years to do a movement aftermarket cleaning.
2, mechanical watches because the whole operation of the mechanical parts, a long time will produce sludge parts, there will be friction between mechanical brought grease, so will the need for regular maintenance, which is what we say to wash oil. Wash oil, then we must go to the Rolex Service Center, do not go to other places the name of a professional repair watches, it is best done once a year, will have to get a professional to do it. Dou you know how to keep your replica watch better now?