This is a self-winding watch with a date function. The Rolex GMT Master series has always been loved by people for its bold color schemes and outstanding functions. So do you know the origin of this watch? Due to the time difference, people on business trips or traveling cannot accurately obtain the local time. Their demand for watches that can easily identify the time in two time zones is constantly increasing. At that time, Pan Am requested Rolex to develop a way that the wearer could recognize at a glance.

The time of departure and destination in the time zone, thus the first generation of Greenwich watches was born. Since its launch, it has been a hot-selling watch, and now it has become one of the classic representative works of the Rolex watch brand. It is very popular among people who travel and work across time zones. The 116758 of the GMT Master series is a relatively simple watch. I will introduce him in detail in the following article.

The 40mm case of the Rolex GMT Master series 116758 watch is made of 18k gold. The bezel is inlaid with 29 diamonds and 30 sapphires. The lugs are also inlaid with diamonds, which surround the dial. The color is harmonious and low-key. This combination shows the luxury and nobility of the Rolex GMT Master series. Although it is just a simple color scheme, the setting of gems is not simple. Each gem is carefully selected and crafted to show the best effect of each gem on the watch. The dial is equipped with sapphire crystal glass that is not easy to scratch. In any case, the dial can be kept clean and clearly visible, and the time can be easily read under any circumstances.

The triangular pit pattern on the back of the case that is polished and polished by 18k gold is also one of the classic Rolex logos. While increasing the aesthetics, it also enhances the waterproof performance of the watch. The brand design uses special tools to clamp the pit pattern bezel. It fits the external parts of the watch, so this is a design with substantial utility. While increasing the visibility, it also improves the waterproof performance of the watch, which is guaranteed to be waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet).

Equipped with 3285 automatic winding movements, the date display, and dual time zone function display are its biggest highlights. The paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring is equipped with super shock resistance, which helps to resist the impact of impact and temperature changes.

And certified by the chronometer of the superior chronometer, the high-performance Paraflex cushioning device is ten times higher than the ordinary hairspring in shock resistance. It is excellent in accuracy, power reserve, shock, and magnetic performance, wearing comfort and reliability, which perfectly demonstrates the superb technology of Rolex.

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Warranty: 12 months warranty Case size: 40mm
Strap material: gold
Reference number: 116758 SA
Dial color: champagne
Material: gold
Gender: unisex
Hour mark: dot
Water resistance: waterproof
Buckle type: folding buckle
Bottom cover: solid
Watch shape: round
Strap color: gold
Movement: a variety of movement options
Price: Starting at $275.23
Detailed address:GMT Master 116758