If you ask, the power of the players must not miss the complex watch, which? As one of the three complex functions, the perpetual calendar is definitely in the top three. The calendar device, its traditional precision process, ornamental and play are very in place, is a lot of love table “dream table,” the choice of poison. This article will introduce three Patek Philippe perpetual calendar replica watches; these three are very personal.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 40mm 5711/1A-014 Automatic silver tone for men


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Patek Philippe’s calendar, no matter the brand effect or work and other aspects, can be said to be the first choice of the watch. This PATEK PHILIPPE REENGRAVING WRIST WATCH, THE APPEARANCE IS VERY ELEGANT AND concise, the week on GREEN DISC, CALENDAR, MONTH, THREE Windows ARE ON the same line, so get the title of “ONE line DAY.” Although for the calendar watch, the disk structure is straightforward, which is very rare in the calendar watch, as a complex and sophisticated calendar watch and conventional watch size can be seen in the watchmaking level is quite strong.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-011 40mm stainless steel white dial for men


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The second is also the Patek Philippe calendar; a white dial with a calendar watch can reveal the unique charm of men. In addition, week, calendar, and month are the three Windows on the same line, hence the title of “one line day.” With a gentleman’s atmosphere of white dial, the more elegant watchband is an adjustable metal chain.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 40mm 5711/1A-010 Men’s stainless steel blue dial


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The 3RD ALSO IS THE CALENDAR OF PATEK PHILIPPE, NOT ONLY Confucian ELEGANT AND EASY, OWN A UNIQUE SENIOR LASTING APPEAL AMONG THEM AT THE SAME TIME. It is a classic, with a 40mm diameter and 20mm band with a blue dial, which is very distinctive. The overall color collocation is the most classic; this wristwatch and calendar show harmonious integration, and the appearance is outstanding.

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