In recent years, sports replica watches have been hot; walking in the street often can see a variety of sports watches on the wrist of passers-by. The price range of 10-20 thousand is very close to the people, many of which style appearance level performance is online. This article recommends three parity motion copy tables for you to have a personality.

Rolex DAY Date 228239 40mm Platinum

Watch review:

The first copy of the weekly calendar is new this year. The remastered watch has a diameter of 40mm, a sizeable brushed case, and a retro blue Roman numerals dial with sword-shaped hands. The clock is equipped with an oyster steel watch chain, and the overall look is quite sporty, young, and energetic. It is equipped with automatic chain movement, high quality. Waterproof for 100 meters.

2022 Replica Rolex Date Just 41mm notched bezel 126334 Mint green dial

Watch review:

The second Rolex week calendar copy, with a mint green dial, looks super level. It’s 41 mm in diameter and has a silver case with an oyster steel chain. The disk surface is designed with three hands, and the three o ‘clock position has the date display function. This watch is designed for the level of detail in appearance, perfect for mature and attractive men. The watch is equipped with automatic movement, and the quality is unique and fascinating.

Replica Rolex Day Date 36mm Blue Ombre Diamond Dial Watch

Watch review:

Finally, this week’s calendar-type copy watch is also a new model this year, retro appearance, appearance level is relatively high. The blue diamond dial is beautiful, with a diameter of 36mm, and the Asian wrist-friendly blue diamond dial design, three o ‘clock with the date function, the overall design is quite layered and sophisticated. This replica watch is an automatic movement watch with dynamic storage of 80 hours, is waterproof 100 meters, and is a perfect choice for men.

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