HUBLOT has become a distinctive existence in the watchmaking industry since its birth. It has continuously improved in materials and movements and has been loved by watch friends.

There are three versions of the new Hublot BIG BANG soul MECA-10 watch: titanium, king gold, and black high-tech ceramic. In addition to the black high-tech ceramic version released online, the other two Watches are sold through offline stores. The shape of the BIG BANG soul MECA-10 watch follows the barrel-shaped case design of the BIG BANG series, and it also incorporates the spirit of innovation. For the first time, the Meca-10 movement is applied to the BIG BANG series barrel-shaped watch. Create a gaze full of charm. The fusion of traditional elements, innovative materials, and avant-garde design highlights the brand’s spirit of continuous exploration in watchmaking.

Titanium, king gold, and black ceramic are three different materials to create a watch with a unique personality. The case has been carefully polished. The calmness of titanium, the beauty of king gold, and the nobility of black ceramic let us see the infinite charm of the material. The barrel-shaped case shape and six H-shaped screws are the iconic designs of HUBLOT.

It can be seen from the side view that the watch adopts a “sandwich” case structure, which is conducive to matching the look with different materials. The sizeable grooved crown is designed with a non-slip texture, making it more convenient for the wearer to operate the watch.

 The dial adopts a hollow design, full of mechanical beauty, giving people a glimpse of the beauty of the movement. The power reserve indicator is set at 3 o’clock, and the small second dial is set at 9. The symmetrical design makes the dial look more harmonious. The new HUBLOT BIG BANG soul MECA-10 watch is paired with a black belt-lined rubber strap. Hublot is the first watch brand to use a precious metal watch with a rubber strap, which not only sets off the clock. It is full of sports and vitality and highlights the watchmaking spirit of Hublot’s continuous breakthrough.

The movement is equipped with the HUB1233 manual winding conditioning, which engineers finally created by readjusting the Meca-10 direction and has a power reserve of up to 10 days. Turning to the back of the watch, HUBLOT uses a fixed-length splint instead of the traditional main splint. Such a structure can’t help but remind people of the perforated “joists” on construction sites. The subversive aesthetic design makes people addicted.

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