Every year at the end of the inventory, we often give you a list of some women’s sports copy tables, such as the diving table with the clock, no other reason, is indeed the table friends like. And like women’s replica watches, I rarely watch friends do inventory. Still, the watch market in the last two or three years can see women’s watches is more and more attention, life wearing watch ladies are also more and more, that today to pick out for you, three launched last year’s new women’s watch, to do a brief introduction.

Rolex m279381rbr-0021 Ladies 28mm


Watch review:

The first Rolex Log reprint has a rose gold case and chain, measuring just 28mm in diameter, and is the signature element of the collection. Rose gold diamond dial is a classic personality, suitable for mature attractive lady wear, life waterproof for 100 meters, and vibrant charm. A logo copy of the hot watch is there for all to see; their design is simple but makes a person look unforgettable. And the price is very cost-effective. After all, who can resist a “cheap and good” product?

Rolex Datejust m279383rbr-0009 28mm Ladies Champagne dial


Watch review:

The second is a women’s reprint Rolex log made of champagne diamond. The 28mm diameter with steel and gold watch chain is mainly in line with women’s unique, elegant temperament. The dial is gold with a three o ‘clock calendar window, which is classic and full of individual personality.

Rolex Date Just 28mm m279381rbr-0014 Ladies Oyster Bracelet Mother-of-Pearl dial


Watch review:

The final Rolex log reprint features a mother-of-pearl diamond dial with fan hands and a high appearance level. The 28mm diameter is matched with the rose gold inlaid diamond case and bracelet, which is mainly in line with women’s unique, elegant temperament. The dial is a fine diamond with a three o ‘clock calendar window, a classic character.

Summary: The above three copies of the replica watch production case material are gold material, but with different colors and designs of the disk, showing a completely different feeling; I do not know which one you prefer. When winter comes, they want to wear gold on their bodies, which is a sense of ritual. The above three watches are made of diamond material. But each watch has its unique style. These three copies of the clock are a scarce combination of appearance design and functionality, incredibly dynamic, so I always think if you want to consider a professional sports watch. These three watches have their characteristics and temperament in line with the unique taste of modern city people on the clock; if you like to, click on the link above to choose and buy! Our website will provide you with a 1:1 copy of the standard watch.