Is there a big gap between the replica watch and the original genuine watch?

Simply put, a watch made by copying each part of the original watch according to 1:1 is a replica watch. Domestic watches refer to watches made by some regular domestic watch factories using authentic molds and imitations. The design, materials, and craftsmanship will strictly imitate genuine manufacturing. This kind of watch has a high imitation system and exquisite craftsmanship. , Stable performance and many other advantages, most replica watches can also achieve all the functions of the original appearance, which is why many replica watches can be exported overseas. A high-quality replica watch price is only 5% to 10% of the original price, but it is 90% or even 95% the same as the actual appearance quality. It is still very cost-effective to buy a replica watch.

Is the quality of the replica watch reliable?

From a personal point of view, the quality of replica watches is reliable. Because there is no uniform production standard like the actual watch, the quality of the plate-making process is also good or bad. Since there are many plate-making manufacturers, if a large factory produces it, the quality of the plate-making is still excellent. No problem for 7-8 years. Pay attention to protect the watch in daily life, try to put the watch in the water as minor as possible, do not wear the watch in the shower or bath, maintain or clean the movement once within 2-3 years, the watch will be extended soon. If the life of the belt exceeds ten years, there is no problem.

Do you want the best replica watch?

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