Hot Cheap “Ghost” Great Achievement! ???? Richard Mille Flagship Poison???? Rm052 Series Watch


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The great achievement of “Ghost” Axe! ????Richard Miller’s flagship poison????RM052 series turned out. Two styles are currently launched: 1. Lightweight titanium alloy??RM-052 2. Cool TZP black ceramic??RM-052-1 [8 miracles] 1. The research and development time is as long as 4 years, and the RM official is cracked. Countless craft problems! 2. The size is 42.7??50 mm, which is the only product on the market that matches the original data. 3. The three major components of the watch case, strap and buckle are exquisite workmanship and one of a hundred. restores all the details of the genuine product to the extreme, bringing a synchronized genuine wearing experience. 4. The size and shape of all screws on the watch case are exactly the same as the original ones, and can be removed with a genuine screwdriver! 5. RM-052-1 [Made of TZP black ceramic, the material maintains the original quality. This low-density material (6g/cm3) has high scratch resistance and low thermal conductivity. ?? RM-052 ??Five-grade titanium back cover is extremely hard, with deep lettering on it, which demonstrates the extraordinary re-engraving background. It is the crystallization of countless attempts and the pinnacle of the craftsmanship of the re-engraved watch! ?? 6. The factory pays tribute to the authenticity. On the left side of the skull inside the case, the model logo of RM052 is engraved in line with the authenticity! 7. The front and back two pieces of sapphire glass are coated with light purple anti-reflection coating, which is extremely transparent and super comfortable in the senses. The curvature of the glass has been adjusted repeatedly to ensure that no details are inconsistent with the original. 8. The skull face dial is slightly curved, as coordinated as a human face, and vivid! It’s really a “ghost” axe. Here has made a bold challenge. The five screws on the human face skeleton are as thin as sesame seeds, all of which are removable real five-point screws. [Remarks] The rubber strap, the buckle and the rubber ring on the handle, the mirror surface of the watch, and the screws of the watch case can all become genuine substitute accessories. It is the only manufacturer on the market that can achieve universal originality! Because I love watches, I am challenged. Because I understand the watch, I am superb! has sharpened its sword in four years, please appreciate it!

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