Hot Aaa Richard Mille New Super Edition Rm055 Custom Canvas Strap Watch


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Richard Mille new super version RM055 custom canvas strap

[RMS Factory2021 wall crack recommendation] V2 upgrade version Richard new super version RM055 canvas strap! Seven upgrade details: 1??Upgraded full carbon fiber handlebar and carbon fiber side shell body! Imported Monogram canvas strap and iconic Epi leather color matching patch, full of texture, worth having! 2The thickness of the watch case is ultra-thin and the original thickness is more consistent, and it is more suitable for the wrist. The upgraded version of the new canvas strap is super soft and comfortable to wear! 3The full carbon case is made of RM NTPT carbon fiber. The moir?? and waves of NTPT carbon flower are hand polished and modified by the ABD case maker. The shock absorber is changed to a watch strap inlaid with transparent diamonds. The original version of the grain is opened, and the small eyes of the strap can be interchanged with the counter, making it more comfortable to wear, the strongest version in history! 4Original mold opening correction RM055 version “Black Technology” NTPT ? carbon fiber material, forged carbon rock layer pattern, carbon pattern road, the only upper cover is the same as the original and the only concave! 5??The only Richard Mille strap head that can be interchanged with the original version is matched with the original version. The multi-color circle is the same as the original version. The screw buckle is reduced according to the original version. 6??The only RM-055 size that can be worn by girls! The only version that can exchange straps with genuine ones! The only RM-055 with free interchangeable heads! 7??Not only does it have the unique elegance of TPT? carbon fiber, a high-tech material! The interlaced patterns also show a modern and casual look! The RM055, which can be called the best on the wrist, has flexibility and sensibility at the same time! The ingenuity of RMS Factory welcomes your tasting!

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