Design Design Richard Mille Rm53-01 True Tourbillon V2 Upgraded Version Watch


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Richard Mille RM53-01 True Tourbillon V2 Upgraded Version

(The upgrade is as follows: 1. The transmission gear is changed from gold to the same gun color as the original; 2. The head gear is made of The metal is changed to rubber.), the whole body of the watch is carbon brazing + true tourbillon heart, known as the “Lamborghini sixth element” in the watch industry. Equipped with a sturdy TPT? carbon fiber case (the best in carbon brazing) plus high-precision stitching technology, it solves the problem of “low stitching degree, gaps, unclear texture, and poor texture” of ordinary versions in the market, and 95% restores the original structure. , One-to-one size (43X49X16mm), laminated sapphire crystal watch mirror and suspended steel cable that fixes the movement, TPT carbon fiber’s unique corrugated luster and sharp case lines, it also highlights the texture that is different from small factories. The specific selling points can be summarized as the “six high elements”:

1. High precision-true tourbillon movement, high-grade and stable;

2, high stitching-ring mouth , Shell body and bottom cover are tightly and seamlessly spliced;

3, high reduction-95% reduction of the original frame, one to one size (43X49X16mm);

4, high Anti-vibration????TPT anti-vibration carbon fiber case with clear texture and texture;

5. High strength????The lens adopts scratch-resistant sapphire + polyethylene explosion-proof film, which can withstand strong impact;

6. High-looking-the cool appearance is full, and the cool blue brings a refreshing touch to the scorching summer. The Richard Mille men’s series RM53-01 PABLO MAC DONOUGH watch created by JB factory for you is worth owning.

JB Factory-Born specifically for high-end tourbillons.

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