Rolex is among the best in the watch industry. One of the main reasons is its fine quality. It has been passed on for hundreds of years and has constantly been improving and progressing. People are willing to pay for it, but the price of a Rolex watch is not everyone. It is acceptable that the replica watches are produced because of the market’s needs, and more and more people are familiar with the replica watches. For the replica watches, people no longer have the stereotype of imitation of the genuine ones, and the replica watches are getting more and more popular, in addition to its low price, its quality has also been recognized by everyone.

So what are the most suitable Rolex replica watches for beginners? Below I recommend the three most popular Rolexes for beginners. They are ideal for daily commuting and are very versatile regardless of the occasion.


Air-King is a watch designed specifically for British Royal Air Force pilots. It has a stylish and individual appearance. It is perfect as an entry-level Rolex. The size of the air master is 40 mm. The 904L stainless steel dial is matched with the black dial. It is a collision of grit and personality, showing its unique charm. It also has a classic Oyster case mechanism, but its exterior design is more personalized. Rolex’s iconic Mercedes-Benz hand, the time mark is different from the traditional Arabic numerals or Roman numerals, but a 0-60 time scale design. The watch is equipped with a customized version of the 3131 automatic mechanical movement, which keeps the daily error within plus or minus 5 seconds in travel time. The back is a screw-in back cover design, mainly to provide the watch’s airtightness and resistance to manufacture. The degree of recognition is relatively high.

Explorer II

The Explorer is a watch designed to satisfy those who like to explore. It can move forward in extremely complicated environments, so it is well known as a professional watch. The dial adopts a large 42mm white spray-painted dial and is equipped with luminous marker pointers and scales to identify the time even at night. The conspicuous orange pointer in the dial is the GMT pointer. The case and strap are made of 904L stainless steel. The crown and back cover are screw-in, with a super waterproof seal. The watch is equipped with a customized version of the 3187 automatic mechanical movements, which is operated through the crown, and the timing sequence is the same. It is convenient for men who often need to travel.


There are many colors on the Datejust’s surface, such as gray, white, black, blue, and so on. The size of 41mm, the 904 stainless steel case, the mirror is made of blue crystal, it is not easy to scratch, the ring is a classic triangular pit design, the white dial has a fish-eye magnifying window, and the interior of the dial is decorated with solar radiation patterns. Cooperate with the hands and hour markers covered with a luminous coating to make it convenient to read the time. Although some classic elements are missing, the watch is equipped with a new movement of 3235. In terms of daily error stays within plus or minus 5 seconds, and the price/performance ratio is also very high.

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